Wednesday, May 29, 2013

To kill a mockingbird

Honestly , i think that reading this book AFTER having to read the old man and the sea was completely and utterly the worst decision ever ! I mean the old man and the Sea put me to sleep in like the first two sentences , and now this ? These books are too dry and they're sucking the teenage life right out of my teenage brain and is going to turn me into one of those annoying adults who read boring books when they were my age and grow up to be an extremely annoying person who doesn't do anything but sit their and read Mary higgins clark at 4 in the morning . Why can't we read more books that relate to this time period , and this generation ? Because sooner or later we're going to die of you teachers wringing the fun out of our still developing brains (not offence Mr. BG, you're awesome) . Unfortunately I still have to write this essay .. I hope this paragraph grabbed your attention because i really didn't know how else to do so with the lack of excitement towards this book . And that's what Mr. BG taught us in English 9F , to grab the readers attention and if I couldn't do it the correct way .. Well atleast I tried .
    The time period of now , is very different of the way things were 80 years ago .. If the book "To Kill a Mockingbird" were different and written in 2013 I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be the same . It’s taking place in Alabama , one of the most racist parts of the U.S in 1930 and all of this was way before the civil rights movement and Martin Luther King and all that mumble jumble . So let me fill you in . Back in the golden days , children didn’t have cell phones and laptops and facebook , they had themselves , and a few paper dolls . Of course , it was around the time of the great depression so no one really had a lot of money . The adults gossiped and spread rumors and in this case it fell on the shoulders of the kids , and they were mostly affected by the thoughts being put in their tiny little children heads . Ew .
Boo Radley was made out to be this big evil man who was mutated and ugly and creepy . When in reality he was a good guy who wouldn’t hurt a soul unless he had to defend himself . All of the drama over him kept him in his house for decades . So basically everyone judged something they had never seen .. They told their kids to stay away from the house , and the kids went and made up dumb stories that the whole town believed and this made Radleys life miserable before he ever decided show his face . Do you think they would have done this if they could have texted Boo Radley or facebooked him saying , Yo Radley , are you a monster from another frickin dimension ? I think not ! I'm pretty sure if they had this thing called a cell phone all this mumble jumble bull about him being this creepy little man would have been squashed long before someone got hurt . Can i get an A Men ?
Another example , racism ! The time of this book was taken place before the civil rights movement and therefore there was a lot of racism . In the book a black man was being accused of raping a white woman . Now let me remind you hes black . The evidence didn't add up but the jury still found him guilty . Even though it wasn't true .! You wanna know why ? Cause he’s a nigger to them . Harsh right ? Well , look at the times now , if the court had technology to find DNA , they wouldn’t have been able to wrongly accuse him . But since it was a white womans word against a black mans word , AND the whole jury of WHITE people , he was wrongly accused , cause hes black . This made it hard on Atticus's reputation because he was a white man , defending a black man in a racist southern town but he was taught that everyone is equal and that is exactly what he taught his kids . But unfortunately his bad reputation for representing the case falled on his kids , and put them in an unsafe position .
In the book , To kill a mockingbird , Jem and his sister didn't really have much entertainment but eachother . Malibu barbie and her super awesome surfer boyfriend Ken wasn't exactly invented so they had to find a way to stay occupied . But at times they got bored , and when you get bored it leads you wide open to get in trouble . Now I'm not saying they did get in trouble , but im pretty sure there's a law clearly stating that you can not step on someone's property . Let a long going and running across their lawn and touching their house . But the kids found it to be amusing to test Boo Radley , so they did . Little did they know , Boo Boo knew what they were up to , and i personally think he decided to play with their heads even though it didn't say it anywhere . I mean , why else would he have taken Jems pants after they were ripped up and left out and sewed them back together and placed them on top of the fence where they were abandoned and not leave a name ? 'Cause he knew it would screw with the kids heads . You can't honestly think he was doing it to send signs or something . To me Boo Radley seems like a pretty cool dude , i mean , no one folds my clothes for me ..
Well , thats the best i have for this essay . Basically the book is telling us that life isn't fair .. If it wasnt fair back then what makes you think it will be now ? Nothing , because LIFE ISN'T FAIR . And that's the end of the story .

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  1. 1. the beginning of this essay starts by talking about the time period. it also talked about what it was like.
    2. there were no quotes
    3. i think the essay was very well thought out. i also thing it was organized well,
    4. something that could be added is quotes.